Monday, April 12, 2010


Throughout my life, I have had a dog, birds, cats, and fish.

I remember having a dog when I was real little, but I just remember it was big. His name was Henry and he was brown and short hair.

The 1st pet I really remember was a bird named Bobby. Bobby would would talk and give kisses.

My dad seemed to alway have fish. The tank was pretty, but fish are boring.

I have had a lot of cats in my life. Minnie, Tiger, and Medusa - RIP.

My current fur babies are Keira and Raven.

Keira is almost 10 years old and weighed 10.5 pounds at her last visit. Keira is a long hair and an orange tabby.

Raven is almost 8 years old and weighed the same as Keira. Raven is a short hair torte.

David wants some fish.

My cats used to be inside cats until recently. I have been noticing that Keira wants outside. She goes to the tarp that covers the BBQ grill and just sits underneath it. She feels lighter to me. It might just be she is shedding her winter coat, but I am getting a weird vibe off her.

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