Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16th

I took a nap today with Ryan and woke up feeling like crap. My head hurt the most. I didn't take any tylenol. I only take meds when I have to. I feel better now four hours later.

My best friend is going through some crap and that bothers me.

I am nervous about my pregnancy and what the ultrasound next week holds in store for me. I am not worried about my heart breaking, I am worried about David's heart breaking. I want to buy baby stuff and enjoy it all. I  feel pregnant and I feel like my stomach has changed shape.

I gave all of Ryan's baby stuff away. All I have in the crib, the crib mattress, and some burp cloths. Everything else was given away. I have a playpen that I bought at BRU during trade in days.

Good News is I can run Netflix through my Wii now. It is cool. Ryan is watching Barney right now while chewing on the wing of his dragon pillow. Ryan loves to chew on things.

David works in Iraq and is supposed to be home on April 28th, but somehow Delta shows no reservation for him. I will be so pissed if he is not in my arms on April 28th.


  1. I am sure your little dude will be just fine. Worrying about it will not change anything, and is probably totally unnecessary. Getting worked up about nothing.

    I am allergic to Tylenol. I've been having the worst headaches, and I can't take anything for it. I finally gave in and called the Dr and told them I couldn't handle the headache, and they told me that I could take 1 200 mg ibuprofen.

    I got rid of all of our stuff from Jacqueline. I have a couple of swings, some clothes that were special to me, the pack and play, and a couple of strollers. We have a ton of stuff to buy. I've been avoiding buying anything. I haven't even bought any maternity clothes yet. Been wearing draw string and stretchy waistbands. I bought a bella band so I could wear some of my normal clothes for as long as possible.

    I have been watching netflix on my computer in my bedroom. We got our Wii disk today. We are gonna hook up our Wii in our bedroom so I can watch my documentaries in there and Roger can watch his shows in the lounge.

  2. I'm sure everything will go smoothly!!