Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24, 2010

Allergies are getting the best of me! My eyes hurt, I keep sneezing, and I feel like I need a plumber for my nose.

I went to a church picnic at my in-laws church. The music was good. The food was decent. The wind was blowing and my SIL, who I was paying to help with Ryan, couldn't seem to be bothered with him. She did have to sing with her Praise Team counterparts and was great.

When did people stop offering their chairs to their elders? I am tired of seeing so much disrespect. I see people wearing hats inside churches and restaurants. I see people using cell phones, game systems, and reading books while at the dinner table.

Ryan went into a bouncy house and loved it. It was the first time he didn't scream his head off while inside it. I was so happy.

Ryan keeps chewing on things. He will chew on string, blankets, cards, clothes, and play food.


  1. Sorry your allergies are getting ya! Hope you start feeling better soon, and yay for bounce houses and no tears :D

  2. AWWW, Hope your feeling better soon. Addison chews on things too, mainly her shirt. I hope they outgrow this "stage" soon.

  3. Allergies. Urg. Hope they get a bit better for you soon! And I have the same problem with Joe chewing on things. :/ Wish I could convince him otherwise...