Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Spirituality

In 1973, I was baptized in a Lutheran Church and I haven't attended many Lutheran services since then.

My parents were not big on church, so when I went it was with friends or alone. I went to many Christian churches and attended Bible Camp.

As an adult, I have been to Catholic, UU, Baptist, Penecostal, and Church of Christ services. I have also been to a Shabbat.

I have been through the classes to become a Catholic and even had my marriage blessed in a Catholic Church.

I left the Catholic Church in mid- 2002 when I was told that God had a dress code.

Before I tell you how I label myself, let me tell you my beliefs.

I practice magick. I am a Reiki Master. I am a Priestess of Kitchen Witchery. I am a High Priestess of Celtic Fae. I follow Rhiannon, Brigit, Morgan, and Bast. I use Cernunnos, Loki, or Hotei, if I need a God for something. I get visions and use dream magick.I use divination - runes, tarot, astrology, numerology, and tea readings monthly. I watch the moon phases and pay attention to natal charts. I practice do what you will, but harm none. It is also called the Golden Rule.

I believe there is something to learn from every religion and every religion is valid.

I attend church services and functions regularly. Just 2 weeks ago, I was at the local Church of Christ service. Next week, I will attend a service at my in laws Baptist church. I love learning from different churches, but one service a month usually reminds me why I don't label myself a Christian.

I am all for homosexuality and the freedom to marry anyone. I think people should have the right to choose birth control. I am a big supporter of a Woman's right to choose. I do believe that Jesus Christ existed.

I don't believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for me and that there is no female counterpart to a God. I don't believe Mary was impregnated by God and Joseph just took this responsibility on because he was nice. I don't believe the time period Jesus supposedly was born in was winter. I don't understand why some Christians can't accept other religions.

I will teach my beliefs to my children.

My husband follows Morgan and Ares. He dislikes Christian church.

Ryan has had a paganning on December 31, 2007. He was blessed by Fae, Shaman, Druid, Catholic, and Christian representatives. My new baby will also have a paganning in September 2010.

So how do I label myself? I call myself a Pagan, but many friends label me as an Ecclectic Spiritualist.


  1. Interesting! I like how you have drawn inspiration for your spirituality from such a wide variety of sources. Fascinating stuff. I've been enjoying reading in your BoS on Chatter Scene, as well. I assume you have some kind of local community you join to honor your deities, or are you more solitary or pair oriented?

  2. interesting and gives me more insight to you....

  3. I tagged you on my blog! Just so you know... :)

  4. Great post! I find it interesting some of the things you believe and don't believe. It's always nice and refreshing to see someone else's point of view.

  5. From what I understand, Jesus being a Jew and all, they would've been making a pilgrimage to the temple. The 3 pilgrimage festivals are one in the fall, and 2 in the spring. So, either they were super early, or really late if he was born in the winter.

  6. Very interesting, Leslie! Many people would never openly lay it out like you have - stating your likes/dislikes, beliefs, etc. Shows you have a handle on YOU. I kind of chuckled about the "dress code". I had to laugh. I'm not a Catholic and have my own opinions about that part of Chrisitanity. I'm thinking that that must be something they preach. I've never heard of such a thing. Typical "practice" is to wear your best. If your best is some jeans and a ratty tshirt, so be it! But I guess I don't even follow that thinking. I wear what I'm comfortable in. I grew up in a Church of Christ and now attent a (Southern) Baptist church. I don't always agree with the things being preached or taught. Right or wrong... it's right for ME.

  7. It took me along time to feel secure in my spirituality, but it is so worth it.

  8. Love that title, Eclectic Spiritualist! That would probably describe me best as well.

    I am so anti label, though, it isn't funny. If I were to cling to all the labels I could use to describe myself, I wouldn't be able to count all of them. Spiritually speaking, I have been searching to see if there is a "group" that is close to my beliefs, but I always feel I have to compromise on something to fit in.

    jenn from mru

  9. Jenn - What are your beliefs?