Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My SoulMate

In May 1996 at 2am, I was awaken by my friend and her company. They were laughing and I was sleeping in a bedroom with my current boyfriend.

I walked out there and got sucked into the conversation and the next thing I know I am giving a guy a back massage, so my friend could flirt with his friend. Laugh!! I had only known this guy for 7 hours or so.

Two months later, my boyfriend and I broke up. I needed a date to go out to a country bar with my friend and her boyfriend. I didn't want to be the 3rd wheel. Back rub Man jumped at the chance. This was Tuesday,  July 9, 1996.

My friend's name is Jen and her boyfriend was Henry at the time. Henry and back rub man were roommates at El Toro Marine Base.  Jen had a 2yo daughter, named Jenique, at the time.

The next day, back rub man made us all dinner. I had frito pie for the 1st time that night. Back Rub man served Jenique, Me, and Jen. When Henry asked where his dinner was, back rub man said, "You are not under 18yo and you don't have a vagina, serve yourself!" I was in LOVE!!!!

On July 13th, we all went to the Orange County Fair and had a great time.

In August 1996, back rub man and I went to a jewelry store and bought me an engagement ring. The ring in the case fit me perfectly and I was able to leave the store with it. How often does that happen?  Back Rub man asked my father for my hand in marriage.

On August 17, 1996 - Back Rub Man asked me to marry him on Redondo Beach Pier.  I said yes and he was shaking.

We started planning a November 1997 wedding.  That didn't happen!

November 10, 1996, the Marine Corps Birthday, we headed to Las Vegas to get married. We only told my dad. I had never met my future in-laws either. Within 2 hours of getting to Vegas, we were hitched.

It all started with a back rub to help Jen out. That was the best back rub I have ever given and I am sure glad I did. I LOVE David!!!

In closing, I only knew David 4 months or so before I married him. This November 10th, we will be celebrating our 14th Wedding Anniversary. I am truly blessed!!!!   The deities knew what they were doing that early morning back in May 1996.


  1. Absolutely priceless! One really never knows what opportunities they have at the time. :)