Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week by Week

I am almost into my 3rd trimester, Yeah! How did that happen?

I had 2 doctor appts this week and i go for my 3 hour GTT tomorrow.

Wednesday -
The ultrasound went well. The heart looks great. Liam is still measuring 4 days behind my due date. My placenta has moved up and looks good. I do have a lot of fluid and that could mean I have gestational diabetes. The tech says my fluid is 20.5 and it should be under 18 at this time. The tech said it is still in the normal range though, they like it to stay under 25. Liam weighs 1lb 10oz right now.

Today -
My OB says my fluid looks normal to him and some women just have more fluid.

My bp was 138/70. I lost 3 pounds. My total weight gain for this pregnancy is 2 pounds.

My OB says my symptoms sound like my hypoglycemia is back and I need to eat better and more on a schedule. He also said that if I do have GD, he believes I can manage it with diet without any issues.

I am going every 2 weeks now to monitor things like sugar levels.

He told me that I don't have to register at the hospital for another 6 weeks. He gave me the okay to eat lean turkey and lean roast beef. He says that it is more likely to get listeria from un-pasterized cheese than lunch meat. I am going shopping tomorrow if I am up to it after my 3 hour GTT.

He said as I was leaving that it looks like I will be delivering at 38 weeks to be on the safe side. Only time will tell.



  1. aww sounds like things are progressing smoothly...YAY

  2. Excellent! Sounds like things are going great. Not too much longer!